Disorder studio is not just any ordinary design studio for it provides a wide range of services.

At Disorder, we specialize in commercial projects and have developed a unique expertise in Retail & Hospitality. Residential commissions are also always warmly welcomed.

We offer a complete Art Direction service, and help our clients define and build a coherent, strong and long-lasting identity. 

From defining/refining commercial concepts to monitoring visual communication, our mission goes far beyond the usual interior design assignments.   

Our services :

  •    Interior design
  •     Art Direction
  •    Trend monitoring/forecasting
  •    Scenography (event & exhibition design)
  •    Brand strategy & identity
  •    Set design (corporate + editorial)
  •    Sourcing & product development
  •    Art buying


Mess is the starting point. The Big Bang. The place where life arose.

At Disorder, we are convinced that solutions emerge from chaos and that discoveries appear from the mix of distant ideas.

We love to tell stories and aim to immerse people in inspiring spaces.

Our holistic approach and the importance we giveto each project’s specific context, allow us to provide creative solutions, both technically and aesthetically.

Curiosity, respect, empathy and rigour are our core values.


We are Diego Carrion, architect, and Cécile Grosjean-Bouchat, creative director. Long-time friends, we have worked together on several occasions before deciding to create Disorder Studio in Brussel, in 2015.  We are both inquisitive minds and share the same ethical and aesthetic vision whilst having complementary backgrounds and skills.

If our first thrill and process steps come from shaking our minds, working hand in hand with craftsmen and experts in their own fields is another exciting part of our job. At Disorder, we favour flexibility and bespoke approaches, setting up teams according to each type of project. We collaborate with a large panel of profiles, from graphic and furniture designers to cabinet makers, suppliers, prop stylists, photographers, engineers and many more.